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Last updated: August 21, 2018

Well, This Looks Interesting: Dry Shampoo Foam

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Dry shampoo is a hairdresser’s secret weapon. Let’s be real, if you’re gonna give yourself a blowout, you are not washing your hair for a week. But what if you aren’t looking for that “second day hair” look and want a clean slate, and washing your hair is out of the question? Enter…FOAM! Keep reading for the deets on how it works!


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When we saw that Kenra Professional released a dry shampoo in a targeted cleansing foam, the Refresh Dry Shampoo Foam, we needed info ASAP. We called up Kenra Professional Educator Cassie Siskovic (@cassiskovic) and she gave us the lowdown.


What’s dry shampoo foam and how is this different from dry shampoo spray?

Cassie says the Refresh Dry Shampoo Foam is like a “magic eraser.” It contains glacial oceanic mineral water that breaks down product, leaving the hair feel like the product has been completely removed. “In some situations, especially at shows or shoots where we might need to completely wash the hair, we now have this tool to supplement,” Cassie says. It’s ideal for creating a clean slate for styling or extending a blowout. 


This is THE product for people who want to extend their style but don’t like the feel of a traditional dry shampoo. Refresh Dry Shampoo Foam leaves hair feeling powderless and can be used multiple days in a row without buildup.



How does application differ?

Applying Refresh Dry Shampoo Foam is a little bit like applying a targeted volumizing mousse directly to the root—watch Cassie do it below!



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