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Last updated: September 19, 2023

Curly Cutting: 3 Tips For A Versatile Haircut

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Cutting Education: 3 Need To Know Tips For Curls

If your curly client likes to experiment with their styles, a traditional curly haircut may not translate when they go for a sleek, straight look. For her style-savvy clients, Kara Williams (@haircolorkilla) creates a cut that can be worn straight or curly (styled or their natural curl).


Scroll down for Kara’s tips for giving curly clients a versatile chop, why shrinkage is ALWAYS important and the one service she gives every client.   


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What We Learned:

You can learn Kara’s full technique in her 90-minute course, but we’re teasing these tips you need to know now!


Tip #1: Choose A Scissor That Is Powerful But Won’t Damage Curls 

Kara prefers to cut textured hair dry, so she needs a shear that will be able to cut through coarser hair, without damaging the ends. Which is why she always cuts with the PARAGON II from ARC™ Scissors


“There can sometimes be some apprehension when cutting textured hair that the scissors will dull quickly and just won’t be powerful, but that is just not the case with the PARAGON II. They stay sharp for so long and the blade length really allows me to cut through large, thicker sections easily,” she explains.


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Tip #2: Overdirect To Avoid Holes

Internal layers can remove weight and create movement for straight styles, while also creating shape for curls. But don’t forget to consider shrinkage—it can cause some serious holes and thin spots in areas that are cut too much. To keep corners full, Kara overdirects every section to the center when cutting.  


“This creates some safety weight at the neck. You can create holes very easily with curly hair because of the shrinkage. So the hair may look good when it’s straight but when you wash it, the hair can look thin—especially for clients with finer curls,” Kara explains. 


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Tip #3: Consider Shrinkage When Creating A Face Frame 

For clients requesting fringe, Kara shared her go-to rule for factoring in shrinkage. 


Holding the section with tight tension and zero elevation:

  • Using the lips as a guide, the hair will sit right at the eyebrows when curly, similar to a traditional bang. 


  • Using the chin as a guide, the hair will fall to a face frame length when curly.  


Slide For The Before & After! 

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Have Questions? Kara Has Answers!

One of the benefits of watching a course on BTC University? Artists are able to answer your questions in REAL TIME! Here are some technical questions viewers had for Kara during her livestream:


Question:  How do you ask clients to come for their appointment? Are there any specific prep instructions? 


Answer: “Not really, I wash and blow dry their hair for them so it is prepared for the haircut the way I need it to be. I believe that all services should include a shampoo and conditioner because it gives you the ability to see the hair in its natural curly state before you go in to cut it.”


Q:  How would you cut a client that has multiple curl patterns throughout?


A: “The most important part of this answer is making sure you ask them how they prefer to wear their hair the majority of the time. If they prefer to wear their natural curl and very rarely straighten it, then I would give them a curly cut. This way you can detail based on the natural fall of each curl. 


If the client likes to switch it up and wear versatile styles, you want to be sure to give them a cohesive cut. During the consultation it’s important to determine what their lifestyle is, how they wear their hair most often and what their hair goals in order to suggest what kind of cut they should get.”


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