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Last updated: September 01, 2022

Consistent Booking Through Inflation: It’s Possible, Here’s How!

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How To Keep Your Books Full & Clientele Rolling In Through A Recession 

By definition, we’re technically facing a recession right now. With soaring product prices, higher rent and the day-to-day salon necessities upping in costs—should we expect our clients to continue dropping more money on their hair?


The reality is, business is business. Spending fluctuations do not have to cheapen our industry—instead, we have some advice on how to manage to keep your books full through these trying times. 


1. Don’t Over Explain Your Price Increases 

If you don’t make it a big deal, it won’t feel like a big deal! We know it doesn’t feel great to raise prices BUT, that’s the name of the game right now. Just because the value of a dollar is decreasing, does not mean the value of your work is.


When giving clients notice of your price increases, don’t make it a sob story. Explain what your changes will be in an articulate way and continue to conduct business as normal. You are a business surviving through hard times that we’re all facing—just be honest, that’s always the best policy!


Don’t miss a booking again—here’s an easy way for clients to make appointments!


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No one likes feeling pressured—especially a client hit with a spur-of-the-moment question involving money. Instead of rattling off add-ons while your client is trying to relax, let them browse your add-on services and pricing before they see you!


Doing this allows your client to feel comfortable making their decision and in turn, eliminates the automatic “no, thank you” that many clients give when faced with an in-the-moment decision. Booksy, for example, offers a new feature that allows clients to pick their add-on services at the time of their appointment booking, In fact, Booksy reported letting clients see their options has proven to increase a weekly average appointment’s value by over 70 percent for Boosky Providers and clients. 


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3. How To Juggle Focusing On New Or Existing Clientele 

If you’re faced with having to decide between seeing your existing clients or passing up new clients (wanting higher-priced services), there are a few things you need to consider. 


Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your new client asking for something that requires continuous services or one big transformation? 
  • Could you double book existing clients? 
  • Is your schedule flexible enough to allocate certain days to only doing specific services? (Ie: An entire Wednesday of just all-over color and root touch-ups?)
  • Would giving a new client an existing client’s spot in your chair be a long-term investment or a quick cash grab?


Again, IF you have to choose—weigh your options! Existing clients can create a steady flow of money, but there could be someone wanting bigger and better services!


4. Clients Need To See Creativity, Don’t Lose Steam

What you want to avoid is turning your books into “maintenance only” appointments. Trying times tend to push clients into only asking for the necessities like root touch-ups and all-over color refreshers—so it’s your job to keep your services vibrant!


Keep your passion alive and visible so clients want to continue getting the big color and cut services you offer. Surf Pinterest, read up on the latest trends and take risks like entering giveaways that could put YOU backstage at a festival doing hair. (Cause really, who wouldn’t want to see their stylist doing hair for celebrities?!)