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Last updated: October 06, 2022

Clients Requesting Clean Beauty? Read This!

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Why Ingredient Transparency Is Key: Ray Civello Launches Back of Bottle™

No longer a term only used by eco-conscious clients, “clean beauty” is becoming a mainstay in salons for every service. With the launch of Back of Bottle™, a new product line from hairdresser and industry pioneer Ray Civello, clean beauty goes one step further, bringing transparency to the forefront of haircare—literally.


Keep scrolling to find out why ingredient transparency will lead to better consultations, personalized services and easier retail sales for stylists.


Photo Credit: Back of Bottle™


What is Back of Bottle™?

Back of Bottle™—the name might make you think, “wait, what?!” The concept is pretty ingenious: Products showcase ingredients on the front of each bottle. Designed to fuel clients’ self-expression, BOB™ products can help stylists customize their clients’ salon experience, and tailor services specifically to their haircare needs. 


“The concept of one’s hair identity is truly fascinating to me,” explains Ray. “We have a commitment to honoring individuality and self expression. But above all else, we believe that everyone—regardless of hair type of texture—should be free to use products that promote and showcase their authentic hair identities,” he adds. 


Photo Credit: Back of Bottle™


How Product Transparency Can Boost Retail Sales

We know clients are just as conscious about ingredients as they are about product performance (think of all their questions they find on the internet). Your clients trust your expertise behind the chair, BOB™ products take that trust to the next level by giving them the information they want right there on the front of the bottle. Instead of pushing them products with ingredients they don’t understand, sell them products with ingredients they recognize. Not only does this lead to better retail sales but a more trusting stylist/client relationship. 


By offering Back of Bottle™ salon partners their own affiliate link for retail purchases, they have the ability to earn commission on Back of Bottle™ product sales.


Photo Credit: Back of Bottle™


Q&A: 5 Things You Should Know From Ray Civello

In this exclusive interview, Ray talks with BTC about the importance of transparency and why Back of Bottle™ put hair and creativity at the front of the brand.


Photo Credit: Back of Bottle™


BTC: Ingredient transparency is so important to clients, what inspired you to put that information front and center? 

Ray: Our approach is intertwined with innovation, sustainability, and high-performance products. In creating this line, it was important to create from a place of authenticity and there was a real need for transparency to be the focal point of the brand. By delivering product information front and center, stylists can focus on their client’s hair and utilize BOB™ products as their creative tools to treat, style, and showcase their client’s hair identity.


Each product was carefully selected and formulated from the perspective of a skincare specialist, paired with the performance expectations of top salons. We’ve vetted each ingredient to deliver clean, high-quality products for salon professionals and consumers alike. 


BTC: Why was it so important to make an all-encompassing product range?

Ray: I was inspired to start Back of Bottle™ as I felt there was a void in the market. I had yet to discover an inclusive brand with a truly innovative concept—from the packaging to branding, ingredient story, and commitment to scalp care. I didn’t create Back of Bottle™ to just make another haircare line. We’re here to inspire change in the industry, an industry we deeply care about and are genuinely committed to.


BTC: BOB™ focuses on a stylist’s ability to create customized looks, why are bespoke services important to a stylist’s career behind the chair?

Ray: Bespoke services are important because they provide connection to the client. Customizing services translates to understanding who the client is and using your skills to interpret who they want to be with their hair. The ability to mix and match, and layer products are also essential in achieving a look your client will love. Transparency leads to better consultations, because ingredients are so important to everyone.


BTC: BOB™ honors individuality and self-expression, what inspires your individuality?

Ray: I truly believe to grow and thrive in this industry and in life, you must always position yourself as a student with a willingness to learn or try something new. My individuality comes in all forms, from literature to music, to culture, fashion, and architecture. I can draw inspiration from anywhere and they help to influence my personal style as a creative and entrepreneur.


BTC: Is there a hero product you’re most excited about?

Ray: I love each of them, each product is so unique. Trying to choose one is like trying to pick your favorite child. The OVERTIME Dry Shampoo is a great product for many reasons. I know clients will love how it dispenses, refreshes the hair, and how it also doubles as a styling product. I also really love our Hi-HYDRATING Moisturizing Oil, because it’s so light and it absorbs right into the hair (or skin) without weighing it down or leaving any buildup/residue.


Photo Credit: Back of Bottle™


Meet the Back of Bottle™ Products

Made with vegan formulations and without fragrances, Back of Bottle™ products use natural ingredients including, pequi oil, jojoba, moringa seed and avocado. “The brand is backed by high-performance formulas and created with respect for the earth. We deliver knowledge, yet place the power in the hands of [stylists]. Giving them the tools to elevate their artistry and style without limits or boundaries,” Ray explains. 


With over 26 products included in the Back of Bottle™ line, here’s a glimpse of what stylists and clients can expect:


  • 7 Shampoos Conditioners including: HI-HYDRATE Moisturizing, TRUE HUE Colour Protect, VIOLETS ARE TRUE Purple Toning shampoo and FREE-REIN Curl/Texture Enhance
  • 8 Stylers including: SHORE THING Texturizing Spray, HOLD ON Hairspray and SHINING ARMOR Frizz & Heat Primer
  • 4 Treatments including: OVERTIME Dry Shampoo, STAY & PLAY Leave-In Conditioner and HI-HYDRATING Moisturizing Oil


Photo Credit: Back of Bottle™