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Last updated: December 07, 2017

A BTC Sneak Peek! Peep The New Product Packaging From amika

Coming February 2018!

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Did you know that the word amika translates to friend or girlfriend in Latin? And for the last 10 years, that’s exactly what the amika brand has become—a stylist’s and a client’s best friend. With their fun, beloved packaging and their dependable, straightforward products, amika has quickly become a highly-coveted professional hair brand as well as a cool lifestyle brand that people everywhere recognize and connect with.


amika has categorized their products and sorted them by color—stylists can expect to see this in February 2018!


amika is in more than 5,000 salons across the country and in more than 20 countries—and in February 2018, they’re launching a completely new repackaged design for all amika products. It will still feature elements of the old amika—with bright colors and Brooklyn-inspired graffiti—but with a few updates for stylists and consumers (like taking existing products and streamlining them into color-coded categories). The idea behind the relaunch is to make the products and their uses even easier for stylists to understand and visually see, while keeping their fun, cool Brooklyn vibe.


All amika products are categorized into nine collections—Signature, Repair, Blonde, Curl, Color, Smooth, Volume, Texture and Hold—and each will have a distinct color scheme to identify the category. Additionally, amika is launching a new signature Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as changing some of the names of older products to better reflect the brand’s personality and communicate the product’s best usage.


The new Signature amika shampoo and conditioner, plus a few more goodies!


The entire packaging relaunch was designed in-house by amika’s Creative Director and Co-Founder, Vita Raykhman. Coming from the fashion world, Vita loves that amika is one of the only hair companies that is instantly recognized by their graphic design, “You see identifiable patterns more so in the fashion world, not so much the hair world,” says Vita. It’s another thing that sets the brand apart and one of the big reasons she kept that graffiti-like pattern on all the new packaging. While the look of amika will be similar, but updated come February 2108, the formulas will remain identical to the existing line and certain products will be available in back-bar sizes.  


As a brand that was started by industry outsiders in 2007, amika’s goal was to bring a new, refreshing philosophy to the hair world. “We really wanted to create a brand that was fun and something that people could really connect with and feel happy when using,” said amika Brand President Chelsea Riggs. “Sometimes, the professional beauty industry can feel very alienating or unattainable, and so we wanted a brand that really celebrates individuality while portraying positivity and inclusion.” And, 10 years later, they are continuing on with the philosophy and letting the brand evolve naturally.


amika Brand President Chelsea Riggs with amika Co-Founder and Creative Director Vita Raykhman. Congrats on the launch!

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