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Last updated: February 08, 2022

Bridal Styling: 3 Tips For Creating Styles That Last

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3 Styling Tips For Long-Lasting Bridal Styles

Did you know that 47 percent of couples who planned to marry in 2020 will now be tying the knot in 2021, according to The Knot. Which means: Bridal stylists will have their hands (and books) full! 


To help you get back in the swing of things, bridal stylist Candice Hollub (@thelovelyhairclass) shared her pro tips for creating styles that last from ceremony to reception. Check out her advice on how to build a strong foundation, taking the stress out of brushing out curls and her go-to products. Want to learn the full technique? Click here to become a BTC-U Member to receive unlimited access to Candice’s class!





What We Learned:

You can learn Candice’s full technique in her 90-minute course, but we’re teasing these tips you need to know now!


Tip #1:  Build A Strong Foundation With This Tease Technique 

Instead of relying heavily on pins—which can be uncomfortable—a subtle teasing technique and the right product can create a durable base for any style. 


“Creating lift at the root isn’t necessarily for the volume,” Candice explains. “Instead, it allows me to build upon the foundation of the style as I go, and gives me the control I need to mold the style while working.” 


  • Grab a standard cutting comb, using the end with finer teeth.


  • Take a subsection about one-inch in width. Then, Candice sprays Moroccanoil® Dry Texture Spray at the root on both sides of the section. “This product is great because it removes all of the oils without leaving a sticky residue on the hair, creating a really nice grip for teasing,” she explains. 


  • Hold the subsection out 90 degrees from the head, making sure not to overdirect. 


  • Keep tension tight and insert the comb only two-thirds of the way through the hair. Why? “Since we are creating a foundation for the style, we want to keep the top smooth,” Candice explains. “So the focus of the teasing is on the underneath of the section.”


  • The section should have a slight C-shaped curve that doesn’t stick out more than an inch from the head and is smooth on top. 


Pro Tip: To test the tension, Candice will bounce her comb off of the section. If the comb bounces easily, the tension is tight enough for teasing.  


Tip #2: Does Brushing Out Curls Cause Anxiety? Try These Tricks! 

Losing curls while brushing can be STRESSFUL. Candice shared her tips and tricks for keeping curls intact (here’s a hint: products are important):

  • Give the curls time to cool completely. Allowing curls to set before brushing is crucial to a long-lasting style. 


  • Spray a layer of Moroccanoil® Perfect Defense for hold insurance. For even distribution, hold the product with the nozzle pointed down and use a downward motion when spraying.  


  • Use a brush with both boar bristles and plastic prongs. The boar bristles will help keep the hair smooth while the plastic prongs will separate the curls. 


  • Starting at the bottom, work in small sections and brush out the curls moving from side to side. 


  • Notice how the hair is responding while brushing and add more product if needed. Candice suggests taking strong hold hairspray like the Moroccanoil® Luminous Hairspray Extra Strong and using a spray then brush combination. 


  • Do not brush all the way to the scalp. It is important when brushing not to disrupt the teased foundation, so Candice is mindful of only brushing to the surface of the hair. 


Pro Tip: DO NOT over brush! “As soon as the curls are smooth, stop brushing,” Candice explains. “Use product and your hands to help them come back and settle into shape. Don’t brush, but continue to manipulate.” 


Tip #3: Apply A Stronger Product For Volume That Lasts All Night Long

For styles that have a dramatic face frame or side part, Candice strategically applies stronger hold products to help the hair stay in place. She grabs the Moroccanoil® Texture Clay to help secure and tame any frizz or flyaways.


Click Through The Slideshow To See Candice’s Before & After Styles



Products Used


Have Questions? Candice Has Answers!

One of the benefits of watching a course on BTC University? Artists are able to answer your questions in REAL TIME! Here are some technical questions viewers had for Candice during her livestream:


Question: How do you ask brides to come in for their appointment?

Answer: “Well, I will be honest I have quite the list of instructions for my bridal clients. I ask that everyone arrives with clean, dry hair, washed preferably the night or two nights before. Then, if they are requesting heat styling and we are not working with their natural curl, I ask them to blow-dry their hair with a paddle or round brush to smooth the root. Prep before event styling matters a ton, so be specific with your own instructions.” 


Q: Do you ever suggest adding extensions to a style?

A: “Yes! Extensions are honestly very important for brides with finer hair or if their hair has a hard time holding a curl. Depending on the style, extensions are not always needed, but in order for a style to look full and have volume, I would recommend adding extensions. You can still use the teasing technique when using extensions and I recommend the order of: tease, spray, extensions, curl.” 


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