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Last updated: October 05, 2017

BOND. NEOBOND. FHI Brands Now Has License To Heal!

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FHI Brands’ President and CEO Shauky Gulamani had been busy in the lab, brewing up a secret agent that promises to correct and even prevent damage before it begins by creating new bonds in the hair, and buffering existing bonds. The result, even after intense chemical processing, is enhanced elasticity and strength and incredible condition and shine. It’s called NEOBOND Professional, and Shauky characterizes it as “an insurance policy that raises the hair protection bar with an innovative delivery system that yields long term health, voluminous body and a brilliant polished shine.”



Shauky and his team debuted NEOBOND for some of the toughest audiences in the business at the Bronner Brothers Show in Atlanta.  here, they performed makeover after makeover for the critical crowd, swaying even the most skeptical with proof of NEOBOND’s reparative power. They witnessed how this “miracle in a bottle” took the most damaged hair and converted it into new, healthy hair; how it transformed thin, lifeless hair and produced body, lift and volume.



The science goes something like this: NEOBOND’S BIO-SHIELD natural active protective complex stands up to disulfide bonds, penetrating deeply into the hair cortex thanks to an innovative delivery system, and at the same time, enveloping and protecting the hair surface.  In addition to the natural complex, NEOBOND contains an amino acid blend with moisturizing and strengthening action that contributes keeps the hair hydrated and repairs damaged areas.


FHI Brands’ Artist and Celebrity Stylist Nycole Jones has been working with NEOBOND, and has this to say, “NEOBOND has created new service opportunities and is putting more money in my bank account!”  Adds New York City Stylist Josie Scarpa, “NEOBOND is the best thing I have seen or used in my 18+ years of doing hair.”


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