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Last updated: October 13, 2022

Blonding + Bonding Treatments: Read This If You’re A Hairdresser

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How To Use Acidic Bonding Treatments On Every Blonde Client

There are SO many bond-building, clarifying and intense repair treatments—but when it comes to blonding, you have to be sure you’re using one that won’t alter tones. Keep reading to learn three ways you can incorporate an acidic bonding treatment into your blonding services that will actually make a difference. 


1. Add Treatment Into Color Corrections

When working on a color correction it’s best to limit excessive product usage. Since we likely have to lift, fill and redeposit pigment on the hair, you definitely don’t want to overload the cuticle with products.


Balayage specialist @ericmichaelhair recommends finishing a color correction with Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate. This treatment repairs, conditions and adds color fade protection to all hair types so you don’t have to worry about oils or serums altering your fresh blonde. 


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2. Rebalance Hair After A Chemical Service

Almost anything can throw off our body’s pH levels—and our hair is no exception. The problem is, when we alter our hair’s pH level it’s much harder to rebalance. Take this clean platinum lift from @mrs_tahirah2 for example. Textured hair already requires longer processing time, so the chance for damage is always greater.


Here’s why @mrs_tahirah2 uses the Acidic Balancing Concentrate after her bleach and tones:

  1. The concentrate provides ultimate strength repair, intense conditioning and color fade protection.
  2. The concentrated bonding care complex reinforces weakened bonds within to improve hair strength and resiliency. (This is essential for textured hair!)
  3. The pH-balancing formula has an acidic pH to defend and balance out the effects of haircoloring, heat styling and water pH levels.


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3. Comb Out Teasylights Without Damaging The Hair

Aside from repairing hair and strengthening bonds, @createdbyami found the solution to comb out teasylights without ripping or pulling apart your client’s hair. 


Here’s how to use the trick:

  1. Once your teasylights are finished processing, shampoo as normal. 
  2. Then, apply the Acidic Bonding Concentrate to loosen tease at the root for a damage-free comb out. 
  3. Apply toner as normal—the concentrate will not alter the toning process or deposit!


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