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Last updated: September 16, 2022

Are You Over-Foiling? Here’s Why “Less Is More” For Highlights From @danielmbeauty

Daniel Mora @danielmbeauty
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How To Maintain Dimension in Your Blondes

Do you struggle with over-foiling? We hear you. That’s why we asked dimensional-blonde expert Daniel Mora (@danielmbeauty) to share his blonding secrets with us on BTC University for one of the hottest haircolor trends right now. Keep reading to learn all of Daniel’s tips to maintain dimension while creating a high-contrast, customized blonde on a brunette base.


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Tip #1: Don’t worry about creating a perfect weave every single time

Struggling with perfectionism when weaving? Don’t sweat it. Daniel uses what he calls an “irregular stitch,” which includes a mixture of fine, medium and thick weaves. The more uneven the weave, the more natural the contrast between the highlights will appear. So weave away and don’t worry about being perfect!

Daniel Mora @danielmbeauty Irregular Stitch
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Tip #2: Avoid unwanted lines of demarcation

Here are three ways Daniel ensures his look is free of harsh lines while staying bright, dimensional and beautiful. 


  • Ensure full saturation. Saturation is essential for a clean blonde that pops. “The less you saturate, the less lift you’re going to have. It’s also going to be uneven,” Daniel explains, which is why it’s essential to make sure every strand you intend to lighten is fully covered in lightener. 
    • PRO TIP: Move your brush side-to-side to ensure full saturation.
  • Use a balayage board. If you’re working without an assistant, Daniel recommends using a balayage board for increased stability and freedom when applying lightener. Check out our balayage boards in the BTC SHOP
    • PRO TIP: Daniel also recommends using wide foils for the same reason!
  • Backcomb when tipping out your ends. Daniel starts by dividing his section into three parts. Then, he backcombs ⅓ of the way down the section away from the roots before applying lightener to the ends.
Daniel Mora @danielmbeauty
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Tip #3: Be careful of over-foiling the hair

REMEMBER: The more foils you use, the more blonde your client will be. If your client desires a dimensional look, you don’t want to take away all of their lowlights.


  • PRO TIP: Section off the hair in a half moon-shape. The shape of the head is round, and when the hair moves and flows, it’s never in a straight line. It’s always on a round surface. When you use a half-moon shape in your sectioning instead of diagonal back, it’ll flow better, says Daniel.


It’s also important to consider the density of your clients hair when leaving out subsections, Daniel notes. For clients with finer hair, he makes sure to leave more hair outside of the foils to maintain the trendy, dimensional look his clients desire. For thicker-haired clients, you can leave less hair out of the foils. 


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