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Last updated: August 01, 2017

9 Salon Secrets You’ll Never Confess

Oh yes, look at you Ms. Prada handbag, always runs on time, never forgets a client’s birthday, has it all under control. You think we don't know your secrets, but oh yes we do. You’ll never confess, you’ll never utter them aloud, but we know…See them here!

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Oh yes, look at you Ms. Prada Handbag, always runs on time, never forgets a client’s birthday, has it all under control.  And you Mr. Can’t Be Stumped by a Corrective Color ‘Cuz You Have All the Answers and oh yeah, you’re so sharp you make Tom Ford look like a slob. We know you’ve got it all going on. And we also know your secrets. Oh yes we do. You’ll never confess, you’ll never utter them aloud, but we know…


1. Your secret stain remover ingredient.
There are several secrets you’re harboring around this one. Some of you remove haircolor stains from skin with olive oil. Some of you prefer baby oil. Then there’s the “remove hair dye with more hair dye” trick. Some swear by hair spray.  And then of course there’s the ultimate in stain removal—cold cigarette ashes. Not elegant by any means, but you believe it gets the job done.


2. Your client crush.
His dad body is sporting an extra 20 lbs., his hair is getting kind of thin on top and he’s an orthodontist for chrissake. But jeez he makes you laugh, he adores his kids to pieces (which is adorable) and oh those blue eyes. So yeah, him.


3. What you add to your color formula to minimize scalp irritation.
Busted. That Sweet ‘N Low is not for your latte, Sister. It’s to take the sting out of Mrs. Jones’ every-three-week retouch.


4. Humble, schmumble—you know you’re all that!
You look at hair on the subway, in the grocery store, at the gym and well, you just know. You would never, ever say it to anyone but really, your work IS better. Much, much better.


5. How you saved the moment when you messed up that haircut.
That said, you’re only human and some days you’re off your game. Like that time those long layers turned into a lob. Ooops. So you showed her a Kardashian Insta photo and told her, “This cut is everything right now and it makes you look exactly like Khloe!”


6. When you actually graduated beauty school.
Awww, who doesn’t shave a few years off as time goes by? Or decades? It’s easy for you–you look marvelous!


7. How you recovered when those golden brown lowlights came out red violet.
“I’m going to gift you with a complimentary toner and conditioning treatment,” as you madly mix up a corrective formula.


8. That you use Clairol Liquicolor Permanente to break the base.
Why not? It’s so ridiculously easy—you can do it at the bowl to lift the color one-to-two levels.  The fact that it’s liquid makes it super quick. It takes the edge off of too-dark roots with no risk of lifting too much. Some of your favorite formulas? For a base break on a Level 6, you’re all about 9AA. For Levels 2-4, you love 7A or 8A. 


9. Hell, let’s be real—you keep Clairol Pro Liquicolor Permanente on hand for lots of things.
Application is so fast, you can work on two clients at once. Two chairs = twice as much money…hello! Regrowth loves CPL—you can target and saturate roots quickly and thoroughly.  The NNs? Superior gray coverage, which applies to oh, maybe, 99.9% of your clients. 


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And as if that’s not enough, there’s the Gray Busters collection for 100% gray coverage every time and a 61% healthier, more reflective shine vs. untreated hair. So yeah, Fountain of Youth.