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Last updated: September 07, 2017

Box Curls, S-Waves and How To Cheat Color & Length

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The color has been created and the cut has been perfected—what’s next? A gorgeous style! From working with extensions to mastering your updos to finding the best tools for the job, here’s an inside look at the styling tips we gathered at Premiere Orlando 2017.


1. How-To: Box Curls

Need a new way to curl? Try this cool box curling technique from Farouk Systems Inc./Chi educator Joe Anthony! The end result and the way his CHI styler works on the hair is incredible—it’s no wonder they keep winning Favorite Tool Company at BTC’s Stylist Choice Awards! Watch the technique below.




2. The It Iron For S-Waves
By now, you’ve probably heard about the Hot Tools® Pro CurlBar, but another tool from the brand you might be super interested in? Their Hot Tools® Pro Deep Waver Iron. It creates cool S-Waves fast for an undone, beachy look. Here’s the iron in action.



3. Cheat Volume and Color
Extensions can do it all—and these two looks prove it. The hairtalk® Hairband works its magic in only minutes, taking fine strands and making them more volumized than ever! Plus, this cool festival-inspired updo from hairtalk® USA educator @tuckerjstyle is giving us life! Check ‘em both out below.


Before and after using the hairtalk® Hairband.


Get The Look: Braided Flower Crown


  1. Place 12 hairtalk® USA tape-in extensions throughout the head to add color and to fill out any thin areas in the hair. (@tuckerjstyle used Hot Pink extensions from their Fantasy Collection and 613 Soft Peach extensions from their Colormelt line.)

  2. Separate the hair into two sections (left and right), keeping one side a little bit bigger than the other.

  3. Braid the smaller section first using a regular 3-strand technique, and pancake it out. Then, bring the braid up and around, pinning it at the crown of the head.

  4. Next, braid the last remaining section (in the same way), pancake it out and connect it to the other braid at the top of the head.

  5. Pin, pinch and pull the braid to create the desired end result.


Watch the entire process!


4. A Romantic Upstyle How-To
Martin Parsons is a true legend. And he proved this once again during his Mainstage presentation, for which he created four unique bridal and special occasion upstyles—providing tips, techniques and a whole lot of humor along the way.



He created this soft, romantic upstyle by twisting and turning sections in opposing directions, starting at the top, moving down the center back and then working in the sides. Before he pinned each section, he loosely grabbed the end with one hand, and used his other hand to slide the hair up the strand.



A couple more upstyling tips from Martin:

  • If it takes you a long time to do an updo, try using bigger sections.
  • When you’re pinning, insert the pin straight into the head and then slide it down or push it up so it locks onto the hair. When you pin from the side, the hair tends to move around and the shape shifts.


5. Million Dollar Wave Technique

On the Bio Ionic stage, we were loving the old Hollywood waves created using their 1 Inch Stylewinder. Here’s how to achieve the look:

  1. Using the Bio Ionic 1 Inch Stylewinder in a block sectioning pattern, half-turn sections counter clockwise and place the hair over the barrel.

  2. Twist and wrap hair around the barrel until you reach the end of the strand, making sure to hold horizontally.

  3. Slowly remove the iron, keeping the coiled hair exactly where you curled it. Hold the coil in your hand to cool.

  4. Release the coil, and mist with an aerosol spray. Then hold the end of the strand with one hand and use your other hand to pinch and rouge each coil.


Watch the entire process!



6. Waves for Days
We witnessed a gorgeous tape-in extension transformation at the Hairlocs booth. Watch how easy (and fast—it only took Hairlocs educator Chanel Carstensen about 30 minutes start to finish) it was to instantly add volume, shine, texture and fullness to her client’s hair.


Before and after using Hairlocs Tape-In Extensions.