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Last updated: September 26, 2017

6 Natural Color Formulas Using #mydentity @guy_tang Shades

Natural, wearable color using #mydentity @guy_tang.

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Picture this: Guy Tang. Almost 100 #hairbesties. More than 30 models. An unlimited supply of Guy’s new haircolor line, #mydentity @guy_tang. And a gorgeous, sunny and open West Hollywood studio space.

When BTC got our exclusive media invite, we knew we had to check out Guy’s 24-shade color line (with 70 more to come this summer!), first-hand. And these colors are seriously gorgeous you guys. Check out the natural-looking, every day wear color formulas some of the #hairbesties came up with using only #mydentity shades and Olaplex. Your clients will love you even more when you bring these formulas with you behind the chair. Get the formuals!


1. Rose Brunette

This team had the task of giving their model a lived-in color that would fade naturally. Here’s how they created this super-wearable shade. They balayaged sections in the back and used teased foils plus traditional weaves in the front, then babylights at the hairline for brightness. To her roots, they applied 3 parts 6DL + 1 part 6SS + 10g Dark Shadows + 10-volume developer. Her midshafts received 7RG + 8DL + 5g Dark Shadows, and her ends got 9RG + Direct Dye Vibrant Pastel Pink Diamond + Direct Dye Vibrant Pastel Lavender Lust.


2. Lived-In Rose Gold

This extremely wearable brunette-rose look started as a full head of babylights. The team used 7RG + Olaplex No.1 on the roots melted into 9RG + two ribbons Dual Booster Color Max Pink Glow + Olaplex No.1.


3. Low Maintenance Lavender-Blonde

This team had a model who wanted to fade to blonde. The model was already a Level 10 with Level 9 roots, so the team brought her a bit paler before coloring her roots with 8SS + 10SS + 6-volume developer + Olaplex No.1. They pulled through a combo of 10SS + 10SP and didn’t fully saturate the hair—they used it mostly as a glaze, keeping the underside of the hair fairly blonde. At the bowl, they toned with 8DP.


4. Vintage Candy

This look straddles the line between low-key and bold. The model came in platinum, so they got right to work with a shadow rootage of 1 ½ oz. 7RG + ½ oz. 6SS + 6-volume developer. Then they melted that into 7RG + 9RG, then melted THAT into 9RG + Dual Booster Color Max Pink Glow. A couple diagonally-placed foils of Direct Dye Vibrant Pastel Mint of Steel + Charcoal, plus some balayaged Charcoal pieces throughout, added depth. Olaplex No.1 in every formula kept the hair strong!


5. Sultry, Smoky Rose

@lisadinhhairstudio led this team, which started with 8DL + Dark Shadows on that rootage, melted into 8DL + Dual Booster Color Max Ultra Violet in the mids and ending with 7RG + 9RG + Dual Booster Color Max Pink Glow on the ends. A quick tip to pull back your pinks if they just get too pink? Go back over it with 10RG + 10-volume developer and pull it through to mute the color.

6. Shiny New Penny

The model for this team, led by @dearmiju, requested a reddish tone that would fade naturally. The colorists gave her a mix of babylights and teased highlights (using meche), then melted 7RG at the top and 9RG on the ends. After 10 minutes, they rinsed.