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Last updated: September 27, 2017

5 Ways to Win at Updos with Martin Parsons

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Martin Parsons makes creating updos look like a breeze, but even he knows they don’t always have to be flawless. “Artistry is not perfection,” says Martin. “When you’re trying to do an updo, just let yourself be creative!” Once you’ve got that down, the technical stuff is easy! Just follow these five simple tips for a beautiful ‘do every time.


1. Face Frame
Always draw the hair away from the face, then lift it up. This ensures the hair will be evenly distributed around the face.


2. Play Misty
When you apply hairspray, avoid aiming the nozzle directly at the hair. Instead, direct the spray past the section. Count to five to give the spray time to settle, and then run the smooth part of the comb along the section for a spectacular finish.


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3. Spray Selection
Dry spray is the best choice for updos. To evaluate a spray, aim it up into the air and spritz. If a mist/cloud drops, it’s too heavy. If the cloud lifts, it’s the right weight for this type of work.


4. Iron It Out
When working with curling irons, begin by dividing the hair into triangular sections, tease the base of each section 12 times, then curl the ends. Once all sections are curled and cooled, run your fingers through the hair for a natural look.


5. Wave Work
To create soft, tumbled waves, set the hair on hot rollers, directing the hair upward on a diagonal. Sections should be at least 1½ inches. Once the hair cools, brush through strands with your fingers and when the hair reverses itself, you’ll see a beautiful texture!


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