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Last updated: November 19, 2021

5 Tips For A Smooth, Bouncy Blowout On Textured Hair

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How To Get The Perfect Blowout With Or Without A Full Silk Press Service

The secret to the perfect blowout on textured hair is simple: Achieving a smooth finish that still has volume and bounce—but, to silk press or not to silk press? That is the question! We’re sharing pro tips for BOTH, so grab your dryer and round brush and get ready to try out these expert tips from Jamal Edmonds (@lamajbackwards).


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#1: Don’t skip these crucial steps.

Before applying any heat, the first steps to a silk press are a must: Properly washing, detangling and protecting the hair.


Step 1: Jamal starts by creating a cleansed, hydrated starting canvas. Cleanse with MIZANI Moisture Fusion Gentle Clarifying Shampoo, then wash with Thermasmooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner.


Step 2: Don’t skip this step: DETANGLE! Jamal always uses the Olivia Garden OG Brush Detangler. Here’s why: Its paddle is scalp-hugging to massage while it detangles for healthier hair and scalp.



#2: Pro Tip For Stylists With Busy Schedules

Booking back-to-back silk press or blowout services? The OG Brush Detangler has a removable cushion that makes it easy to clean the cushion—just squeeze the sides and lift!


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Watch Jamal’s prep + detangling in action below!

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Step 3: Protect and blow it out! Jamal protects against heat up to 450 degrees with MIZANI Heat Screen. Next, he blows out the hair with the Olivia Garden Ceramic + ion Hair Dryer and works through section-by-section with an Olivia Garden ThermoVent Round Brush (like he would a paddle brush.)


Here’s why:


  • Tension: The Olivia Garden ThermoVent Round Brush has alternating rows of boar and ionic bristles for better control.


  • Bristles: The alternating bristle types hydrate the cuticle and add shine, which is KEY in a silk press.


  • Ventilated Barrel: This allows the heat and cool shot to reach the inside of the brush and cuts down blow-drying time.


Step #4: Smooth and create curls with the Olivia Garden Titanium + Ion Flat Iron.


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Check Out The Full Process Below!

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#3: Pro Tip To Avoid Losing Volume

Just because you’re smoothing out the hair doesn’t mean you should sacrifice volume. The shape of the ThermoVent Round Brush and its ionic and boar bristles work together to create volume throughout the smoothing process. It seals in a better and longer-lasting shape!


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#4: Tension smooths the hair, not heat.

That’s why Jamal only uses moderate heat at 400 degrees and achieves tension with the ThermoVent Round Brush, aka his go-to tool to create volume and smooth the cuticle during the blowout service. Just remember: A little less heat, more tension!


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#5: Cut Down Blow-Drying Time

Use a brush with a curved shape that hugs the head while blow-drying, like the ThermoVent Round Brush that features a ventilated barrel for faster blowouts. Plus, a round brush will help add that extra body and bounce on textured hair.


Check out the bouncy finished results!

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