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Last updated: June 17, 2019

5 Tips For Creating The Perfect Ponytail

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Ponytails are super on-trend right now thanks to their versatility, so whether the goal is a dramatic high pony, a super sleek style or anything in between, it all boils down to establishing a solid foundation. While hanging with Ulta Beauty at their Empower You event, we snagged fives tips from Chief Artistic Director Ammon Carver for creating the perfect ponytail. Check it out below!



1. Mist & Blow-Dry The Roots

Chances are your client wears her hair down on the reg, so it’ll require extra combing to manipulate her hair into a pony. Ammon recommends misting the hair down and then blow-drying the root area with a flat brush to direct the hair back. It only takes 5 minutes and makes the process easier because it forces the hair to lay naturally in place.


2. Tip Her Head Back

To avoid a sagging ponytail, tip the client’s head back as you gather the hair together—this creates a super polished end result.


3. Hold The Brush Vertically


If you backcomb to add volume to the pony and then brush horizontally to gather/smooth the hair, you will reverse the tease that was just created. Instead, Ammon says to hold the brush vertically. It helps smooth everything out, without ruining the backcomb, because the brush slides through more linearly.


Note: A workable hairspray like L’ANZA Healing Haircare Keratin Healing Oil Brush Thru Hair Spray is more ideal because it’ll build strength to the style without freezing the hair into place.


4. Tail Comb Tip 


If the end goal is a super sleek pony, there’s no room for buckles in the hair. Here’s how Ammon handles them: Simply take the tail part of a tail comb, go in where you see a buckle and loosely pull it through.


5. Hiding The Elastic

A crucial finishing touch? Hiding the elastic. Ammon does so using two hair pins and an easy threading technique. Watch him explain how it’s done in the video below!




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