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Last updated: April 29, 2022

5 Things You Didn’t Learn In Beauty School

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What Beauty School Didn’t Teach You

You’ve felt the initial panic of a client request you’ve never done before, asking yourself, “Is this out of my element or did I straight up never learn this?” You’ve navigated a professional response to the shock of a client talking about their wild weekend or the divorce their spouse doesn’t know about yet. How about all the liability waivers, tax forms and write-offs you had to figure out at your station after hours?


Yes, you finished your hours to get your cosmetology license…but there’s a lot you DIDN’T learn. Lucky for you, you’re not alone. We asked hairstylists what they didn’t learn in beauty school and what they would have wanted to, if given the chance to do it all again! 


Think of us as the fairy godmother you never had during your 1,500 hours. Grab your chair and take a seat, school is in session. 



What didn’t you learn in beauty school? “Anything involving hair texture!” – @brittanyhighlights 


Sometimes, beauty school curriculum isn’t as inclusive as we would like it to be. Many stylists’ hands-on experiences were taught on one type of hair—and that isn’t representative of the types of clients who sit in our chairs.


Fortunately, if your schooling skipped over texture education, we’ve got you covered with some classes from brilliant stylists who know their way around a curl pattern. 




What didn’t you learn in beauty school? “Everything! You are taught how to pass a state test, not the real life stuff that’s going to make you money.” – @partialangel


Your state test education probably didn’t include info on pricing, if you should charge deposits and how to create your service menu. If it did, you may just be feeling at a standstill in your job looking for new educational opportunities. Either way, that’s okay—we’ve got you covered!



What didn’t you learn in beauty school? “Dealing with clients.” – @ashleykman


It can be hard having to go home knowing you’re carrying four clients’ secrets with you, wondering if you could have explained a pricing conversation better, and even simply being perturbed the way someone spoke to you that day. But hey, we do our best and vent at the color bar for a reason, right!? 


If you feel like client convos have been an stressor lately, check out a few suggestions below: 


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What didn’t you learn in beauty school? “Balayage and foilayage techniques!” – @amdhairart 


Depending on when you completed your education, we totally feel you on this one! Natural looking color techniques have been all the rage as of recent years and clients are expecting stylists to make them look like their Pinterest board screenshots. 


We have quick solutions for those looking to up their game or just need a fast refresher. Grab your mannequin (or your bestie) and follow along from our list below:



What didn’t you learn in beauty school?  “That I should pay my taxes quarterly so that I wouldn’t end up in debt with the IRS like I am now.” -@tiarashapri


We saved this for last because it seems to be a scary topic no one wants to talk about, but listen up because it’s important!! A crucial part of the nature of our industry is being an independent worker and for a lot of people, being an independent financial advisor creeps into that territory. 


Beauty school (let alone even high school) does not prepare everyone for the government-related responsibilities that come with landing a job or growing clientele. Although every case is different, we do have some sound guidance on how to get you from point A to point B safely (and legally!) 


Whether you’re a seasoned pro behind the chair or a fresh face in a salon, just remember, we’re all constantly learning!


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