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Last updated: April 04, 2018

Do These 5 Things Before Entering A Hair Competition

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Brenton's TrendVision entry from 2015. (Instagram via @brentonleepro)

From the BTC #ONESHOT Hair Awards to Wella Professionals TrendVision Awards, there is almost always a hair competition currently open for stylists to showcase their work. So Brenton Lee (@brentonleepro), a five-time TrendVision finalist and a Wella Design Team Artist, hopped on Facebook live to share five things hairdressers should do before they enter a hair competition. See what he had to say below, then watch the full video to see what other advice he offered!


1. Get To Know The Trends (14:12)

Some competitions, like TrendVision, designate the current trends to inspire stylists. Get to know these trends and let them inspire you. For other competitions that don’t specify the trends, take time to research what’s currently popular in the industry before doing anything else—this will help your inspiration come to life!


2. Make Story Boards (15:34)

Once you have a grasp on the trends and your inspiration, Brenton recommends making a story board to help visualize the look. Whether you prefer to cut pictures from a magazine or create Pinterest boards, save everything that feeds that inspiration—hair shots, makeup looks, intricate hairstyles, even random objects that fit the color scheme.


3. Practice, Practice, Practice (19:41)

Now, it’s time to bring those ideas to life. However, you can’t just cut and color your model and hope it’ll all come together. Practice on mannequins to see how certain cut/color combos work together and resort to extensions for swatching haircolor.



4. Your Choice In Model (24:24)

You’ll want a model who can rock the cut/color you chose, which is why you should never choose a model first. After you research the trends, make a story board and practice, you’ll know what type of model you want.


“It’s important to choose your model off the inspiration or what you want to create and not to pick a model and try to compensate or settle for less in your overall look,” advises Brenton.


5. Capture The Best Angle (26:30)

The look is finalized and a model is chosen—how are you going to capture your look? Whether you prefer to shoot with a ring light and phone or want to shell out for a photographer, Brenton says it’s all up to you and your budget.


What’s most important is making your entry look amazing, so stick to a soft/all white background that won’t be distracting and have good lighting to show off all the dimension in the hair.


Watch the entire Facebook live below!


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