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Last updated: February 01, 2019

5 Teasing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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5 Teasing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

With bridal season coming up, it’s time to get your teasing game on point—the technique adds height and volume and creates a foundation for the style. But what happens if your teasing results in gaps or frizz? Don’t worry fam, we sat in on a class with updo master Lala Chihaia (@lalasupdos) at the 2019 ISSE Show in Long Beach, CA to find the fixes to these common teasing mishaps. Scroll for everything we learned!


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Problem: Teasing Results in a Weird Alien Shape

Solution: Start Teasing Sections Away from the Center of the Head


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Teasing giving height but also a crazy shape? Lala suggests teasing in sections that are two fingers way from the center of the client’s head. “The top of the head is flat, and you can’t make it round no matter how much you tease,” she explains. Starting the tease two fingers away from the center allows the sections to have a natural shape that doesn’t require moving the sections around which could result in a predator shaped as a final result.


Problem: So Much Frizz!

Solution: Tease Sections Three Times (Yes We Said Three!) to Utilize Product


The way to combat frizzy teasing, is to really work your product into the cuticle of the hair. Lala suggests working in a three-step teasing method. Take a section no wider than your comb, tease and spray with medium hold hairspray like the Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Get Layered Flash Drying Thickening Spray. Let that section settle, and repeat the tease and spray two more times allowing the section to settle after each spray of hairspray. This allows the product to really penetrate the hair and hold its style, while keeping the sections clean.


Tip: Lala strongly advises avoiding a strong hold hairspray until the very end of the client’s appointment. Strong hold hairspray may not be as workable and could turn to white powder when brushed through.



Problem: Hair Falls Flat

Solution: Don’t Tease So Far Down

If the teased section is falling flat after being styled, chances are your teasing too far down. There is no reason to tease sections all the way down to the ear, Lala explained. “If you do that, then your making your style too heavy and it will fall. Or you will be using a lot of pins and it will be uncomfortable to the client.” Depending on the style, keep teased sections no further than the crown. 


Problem: Gaps Everywhere!

Solution: Take Thinner Sections 



Teasing should not result in gaps or holes in the style. If they do, the sections are too thick. The teasing comb should be able to penetrate evenly on both sides of the section. Take thinner sections, tease and spray with medium hold hairspray and finish with an easy brush to clean up the section.


Problem: Teasing Results in a Rat’s Nest Look

Solution: Ease Up on the Pressure 



If the section looks teased from both sides, then you’re a hard teaser. Lala suggests taking the comb in your thumb and pointer finger and holding the section with tight tension, use a flicking motion to gently tease the section. This method will allow you to see what kind of pressure should be applied when teasing.



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