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Last updated: October 21, 2020

5 Date Night Hairstyles For Textured Hair

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5 Hairstyles Your Textured Clients Will Love For Any Special Occasion

Have your curly-haired clients ever come to you wanting a little something extra for date night and you totally draw a blank? It happens to the best of us, which is why we reached out to five textured hair experts to find out their go-to styling techniques for clients with curly hair. From twist outs to wash and go’s, here are five simple how-tos that’ll have your curly girls looking and feeling fabulous!

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1. Chunky Twist Out

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You can never go wrong with a simple two-strand twist style on curly or textured hair. MIZANI Global Artistic Director and Ulta Beauty Pro Team Member Pekela Riley (@pekelariley) created gorgeous definition and volume on her clients head with only nine chunky twists, versus the numerous small twists you’d expect. She explains, “When it comes to texture, so many of the desired aesthetic outcomes have to be executed in the opposite way imagined.”


2. Flat Twist Updo

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If your client is going to a fancy dinner and wants to wear her hair up, try flat twisting her curls into an updo. The plus to this look is that she gets two styles in one. Once she’s over the updo, she can unravel her twists into a twist out style. 


Gabrielle Allen or @strawberricurls as she’s known to her 88K followers on Instagram, has this advice for beginners attempting this look for the first time. “When creating flat twists, you want to consider that everyone’s head shape is different,” she says. “This will determine the placement of the twists. It helps to start in the middle of the head and create the rest around that…to create symmetry especially if you’re new to it.”


3. Sisterlock Upstyle

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So what if your client has locs and wants something fancy? BTC Team Member Kara Williams (@haircolorkilla) has sisterlocks and broke down how she styled them to get her through four different events in one weekend in the tutorial above. Her key ingredient for the look is a beauty favorite right now—rose water. “Rose water is weightless and helps hair retain moisture without buildup. Buildup is very common when using heavy products on loc’d hair, so it’s important to use moisture that won’t get trapped in the locs,” she explains.



4. Wash & Go

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A wash and go might seem too simple for date night, but the right accessories—as demonstrated by MIZANI Artist Jamal Edmonds (@lamajbackwards)—can elevate any hairstyle! Besides the hardware, the key to a good wash and go is to work on soaking wet hair. Jamal recommends you start at the nape in 1-inch sections, applying “a drop of [MIZANI] 25 Miracle Nourishing Oil and a dime-sized portion of Perfect Coil Oil Gel” to the hair, before combing through to make sure the product is evenly dispersed.


5. The Silk Press

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Honestly, sometimes the big “change” your textured client wants for their night out is a classic blowout aka the silk press. When working with texture it’s tempting to think you’ll have to increase your flat iron’s heat setting, but salon owner Cassandra Olivia (@_cassandraolivia) recommends never going above 450 degrees to avoid unwanted damage and advises working on an even lower temperature than normal when dealing with color treated hair. 


So how do you eliminate frizz? The trick is to work in smaller sections. “Take small sections when flat ironing to ensure that the press will last longer and look sleek though out. Taking bigger sections with curly textures can cause the hair to look frizzy,” remarks Cassandra.


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