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Last updated: June 13, 2018

5 Color Tips You Have To Try

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Anthony Mascolo cuts a model’s freshly colored hair.


Everything is personalized these days—your iPhone case, your nail art, your NIKEiD sneakers. Why should haircolor be any different? That’s the philosophy behind TIGI® copyright©olour, and we caught up with Anthony Mascolo and the TIGI®  team during the Chicago stop of their Colour Tour to make sure we had the best tips for rockin’ that TIGI® color!


First of all, having Anthony himself at the event was such a highlight for the hairdressers in attendance, especially in the event’s intimate City Winery space. “We can do a big show and it’s really great, but really, you don’t see anyone, you don’t communicate,’ Anthony told the audience. “It’s about getting to know you all.”


Yep, it was all about getting personal at the Colour Tour—with each other, with clients, with haircolor. And it’s all made a lot easier to do behind the chair with TIGI’s new 24/7 app, available in the Apple Store. The free app gives you techniques, color formulas and education—but a lot more, too! Here are TIGI’s top tips for delivering the best color for your client with copyright©olour!



1. Start With a Strong Consultation.
TIGI’s Creative Consultation concept is crucial to nailing each individual client’s best shades. This concept takes into account eye color, complexion and skin tone to really create a custom look for each client—which means they can only come to you for their tailor-made color. “Sometimes, when you just go off of a color chart, what you see, you can’t get,” said Richy Kandasamy, TIGI® Technical Director. “I’m not using a color from a tube. I’m creating something very personal.” The cool thing about Copyright ©olour? The entire range—demi-permanent and permanent—are completely intermixable, so you really can create anything you imagine.


Orange, red, muted or vibrant? The TIGI 24/7 app lets you zero in on the hue you want.


2. Clarify the Shades Your Client Really Wants.
As we know, “copper” can describe many shades, and your client’s vision of it is probably totally different from yours. That’s where TIGI’s 24/7 app comes in—it has built-in inspiration boards by overall shade, so you can choose “copper” and then zero in on the exact tone of copper your client is really imagining. Even better, you can grab the color formulas for that shade right from the app and use it as your starting point to mix a perfectly customized color for your client.


Christel Lundqvist shows how to work with the root to get a cool, lived-in feel.


3. Work With The Roots.
Christel Lundqvist, TIGI Global Creative Technical Director, challenged us to embrace regrowth with her on-point tip for getting a lived-in pastel peach. Her model’s root area was a bit darker than the rest of the hair. “Sometimes when a client comes into the salon, the first thing we think is that we’ve got to get rid of that root and then color it,” Christel shared. “But that’s not at all what I’m going to do today—I’m going to work with the root and add tone, because that will give me a slightly richer, more nude effect on the root and a slightly iridescent effect through the lengths and ends.”


Keep your personalized techniques and learn brand new ones with TIGI 24/7!


4. Save Your Ideas and Techniques.
Something really awesome about the 24/7 app is the drawing feature, which allows you to select different views of the head and draw in your sectioning on your iPhone or iPad, put notes on technique or color formulas into the drawing and then save it for later reference. You’ll eventually create your own library of super-personalized techniques and formulas for your clients!


Living for this lily white blonde from Renee Valerie!


5. Play With Your Processing Times.
We were loving this technique to get a lily white blonde with dimension from TIGI Technical Education Director Renee Valerie. She used just one color formula on her prelightened model: Copyright ©olour Gloss 10/28 + 10/02 + 00/ (clear). “This neutralizes any unwanted warmth that’s present from lightening, and gives an ever-so-slightly cool cast, so it suits her complexion instead of washing her out,” Renee said. “Apply the color to horseshoe sections, then work horizontally through the crown, bringing the hair back from the face. Then work in the same manner through the fringe section. I know in my head that wherever I applied it first, I’ll get slightly more tone, so I’m going to have a very lovely progression, ever so slighty but enough to accentuate the haircut.”



Missed the Chicago stop of the TIGI copyright©olour Tour? Relive it from the front row!





Photo Credit: Alex Barron-Hough