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Last updated: September 26, 2017

5 Color Tips for Your Noncommittal Clients 

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Crazy for color—aren’t we all? But what about your clients who are seeing all these ombrés and fashion-forward haircolors on social media and celebrities but are afraid to make the commitment themselves? We have your answer—noncommittal haircolor.


We did a Facebook LIVE with label.m International Artistic Directors where they showcased the NEW label.m Highlighting Toner Sprays, and taught us some tips for bringing noncommittal haircolor to your salon. Check ‘em out.




1. How-To: Ombré with the Toners
Efi worked on a brunette model, showing us how to use the Red Highlighting Toner Spray to create an ombré style on your client. First, create a halo section on the top of the head. If you want the color to be bold and strong, use a smaller halo section. If you want the color to be softer, take a bigger halo section. Then, spray the color directly onto your client’s hair. Apply all over leaving the halo section out, and framing the face with the color. Once you’re done adding the color, blow-dry with cool air. Efi then released the hair from the halo section, letting it fall naturally over the colored hair. Style as desired, blending the two colors.



2. Get The Look: Peek-A-Boo Blue 
For a peek-a-boo pop of color, the biggest thing is remembering to work in the direction of your client’s hair. It should never be random. Cut your model’s hair and have a vision in mind before applying the spray. Then start by leaving out a triangular section on the top of your pixie-cut model so that when you’re done applying the spray, you can overlay the blonde onto the blue—creating a true peek-a-boo and seamless blend of color.



3. For the Weekend Warriors and the Music-Fest Obsessed
These toner sprays are washout sprays, so use this to your advantage! For your clients who might not want color during the week or maybe they’re planning out their 2017 music fest schedule—these toners are great ways to add on an additional service at the end of their appointment. It’s quick and builds a higher ticket price for you!


4. New to Noncommittal Color? No Problem
When you’re just starting out using the toning spray, take it slow. Efi suggests adding color bit-by-bit, brushing through, drying with cool air and then stepping back to see how the color is truly coming through and falling on your client. Then you can go back in and add more.


5. These Toners Are for Everyone
Have a color-shy client? This is the product they’ve been waiting for. For your guys and gals who want to try a fashion color but are afraid of the upkeep, this product is a great way to give them a taste of what they want without making that (sometimes overwhelming) commitment.  According to the label.m team, the highlighting toning Sprays work on any preexisting color and wash out in one to two washes. They are available in Red, Brunette, Blonde and Blue.


Check out the Facebook LIVE!