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Last updated: March 06, 2018

5 Chocolate Color Formulas You Can’t Help But Indulge In



Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but we’d like to believe chocolate is a close second. And with Valentine’s Day around the corner we can’t help but have all-things chocolate on the brain. From a rich chocolate balayage to sweet caramelized chocolate layers, help your clients indulge this February, guilt-free! Get the color formulas and how-tos.

1. Chocolate Lovers’ Color Formula

Schwarzkopf Professional Color Formulas
Formula A: IGORA ROYAL Royal Nude Tones 4-46 + 10-volume IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer

Formula B: IGORA ROYAL NUDES 6-46 + 10-volume developer

Formula C: IGORA ROYAL PEARLESCENCE 9.5-89 + 10-volume developer

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2. Chocolate Balayage

L’Oréal Professionnel Color Formulas
Formula A
Blond Studio Multi-Techniques Powder + 40-volume developer + ¼ oz. Olaplex

Formula B (root color): DIA Richesse 4.8 + 3.0 + 9-volume DIActivator

Formula C (toner): ¾ oz. Majirel 8.11 + ¼ oz. Majirel 9.21 + a pinch of Violet Kicker + 15-volume DIActivator

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3. Caramelized Chocolate Layers

Color Formulas
Formula A (lightener):
Goldwell Oxycur Platin Lightening Powder + 30-volume developer

Formula B (toner): Paul Mitchell PM Shines equal parts 6BV + 6A + Processing Liquid

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4. Chocolate Auburn Color Formula

Color Formulas
Formula A: L’Oréal Majirel 4.8/4M + 1 part Majirel 3/3N + 20-volume developer

Formula B: L’Oréal Platinum Lightening Paste + 30-volume developer

Formula C: Redken Shades EQ 7CB + 1 part Shades EQ 6RB

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5. How-To: Milk Chocolate Malt

Paul Mitchell Color Formulas
Formula A (root): Paul Mitchell Shines XG 5NB + 5-volume developer

Formula B (ends): Paul Mitchell SyncroLift Lightener + 30-volume developer (1:1 1/2)

Formula C (toner): Paul Mitchell Flash Finish Icy Blue Violet

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