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Last updated: September 29, 2017

4 Steps to Strategically Raise Your Prices

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“As an industry, we are terrified to charge for our services, experience and skills,” says Marion Shaw, author of Waiting for the Busy Bus. “So many salons short change themselves when it comes to charging correctly for the level of service and product they supply, yet when we look at our expenses, they are constantly going up.” Marion adds, “Without some form of increase in income, our bottom line shrinks away to nothing.” Here are four tips from Marion for creating a straightforward plan of action for strategically raising prices that will ensure your clients stay where they belong—in your chair!


Give Notice. Choose the effective date for the price increase and give your clients advance notice so they are prepared during their following appointment. You should display signage at the front desk, send out email notifications, and/or mail the notice to them personally.


Pick and choose. Instead of raising prices across the board, stagger the increase. For example, choose to raise highlight and chemical services or cutting and styling services together. This organized approach can ease sticker shock and keep clients from spacing out their regular appointments. After a year, pick two new services to increase and follow the same steps.


‘Tis the season. Holiday time is a good opportunity to inform your clients, as many of them will be in for appointments surrounding big holidays. Give clients a personal notice inside a card thanking them for their patronage and letting them know about the increase. There are plenty of holidays to choose from throughout the year, not just Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Grandfather them in. Offer existing clients the price they are currently paying for two extra months. For instance, if you raise prices on January 1st, the regular price will be honored until March 1st. For new clients, the price increase is effective immediately.