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Last updated: October 10, 2018

3 Ways To Improve Selling Add-On Treatments

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3 Easier Ways To Charge & Sell Add-On Treatments
Your client’s favorite part of their salon experience is not what you would expect—the backbar. Are you using it to its full potential? If you’re not already selling add-on treatments to every service, you’re missing out on major retail sales and client retention! That’s exactly why we’re sharing three ways to change the way your clients think about in-salon services ASAP.


Keep scrollin’ for all the answers you need! Then, check out a three-step salon service that will restore your client’s hair…and your biz.

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1. Sell The Experience, Not The Product

The backbar is where clients feel the most relaxed, so it’s an underrated selling hotspot. Use these easy steps to elevate their experience and sell away:

  • Change your rhetoric to evoke a stronger emotion. For example: Start calling the backbar a “treatment lounge” and take more time with luxurious head massages during treatments.
  • Elevate the experience. Don’t just slap on the product and walk away while they process. Instead, follow these simple-yet-effective steps using PRAVANAs three-part Intense Therapy Lightweight Healing Regimen:
    1. After using the Healing Regimen Cleanse Shampoo and Nourish Conditioner, towel-dry the hair and apply Intense Therapy Lightweight Regimen Treatment Masque all over, then cover with a plastic cap.
    2. Dip a salon towel in warm water and squeeze out any excess, then wrap the towel around your client’s hair for a memorable deep treatment.
    3. Rinse and remind the client how different their hair feels during the rest of the appointment.


2. Education SELLS! Plus, It Improves Client Retention

Use the problem-solving approach and follow these steps below:

  • Offer a complimentary conditioning treatment for your regulars and they will feel how this adds value to their appointment benefits. They will be more likely to pay for it next time, and this will boost your referral rates!
  • During the consultation, ask clients what they see in the mirror, how they would describe their hair and what they would like to change. Then offer a solution with in-salon treatments and take-home products.
  • Display the products at your station, walk them through how they work and how to use at home. 
  • Science doesn’t lie! Show visual aids to prove the effective results of offered treatments. 


Instant Results Clients Love! Peep The Before & After

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PRAVANA uses microscopes to study how the healing regimen’s ingredients like malachite extract, Egyptian blue lotus, keratin protein and amino acids actively repair and hydrate hair. 


3. Choose The Right Treatment

Choose treatments with consistent results on all of your clients—whether they’re color-treated, fine-haired or naturally curly! PRAVANA’s Intense Therapy Lightweight Healing Regimen works on a variety of hair types, so you can tailor the experience to your diverse clientele.


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