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Last updated: August 02, 2021

3 Tips For No-Toner Blondes + Shadow Roots

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3 Blonding Tips To Avoid Brass + Harsh Lines Of Demarcation

On-scalp lightening applications can be stressful. Blurring out lines of demarcation, tackling regrowth and brightening brassy ends—it’s a lot. To help ease any anxiety, we asked BTC Team Member and 2018 #ONESHOT Winner Julie Holbrook (@headrushdesigns) to share her secrets for creating the perfect blonde canvas EVERY time.



1. Speed up appointment times with a lightener that lifts AND tones at the same time

Picture this: The lift is SO good, no toner is necessary. The secret: The CHARCOLITE™ lightener by difiaba. “It tones while it lifts, helping to brighten brassy ends while maintaining the condition of my client’s hair. Plus, it saves me time and money behind the chair because I don’t need a toner,” she explains.


CHARCOLITE™ is formulated with activated charcoal that gives blondes a cool, bright finish WITHOUT a gloss! Keep Scrolling for Julie’s finished look!

Instagram via @headrushdesigns


Want to lift and tone in one application? Click here to purchase the CHARCOLITE™ lightener and check out the entire CHARCOLITE™ collection.


2. Use a zone application to avoid lines of demarcation

Before lifting, Julie identifies the client’s current canvas. “Clients typically have two lines of demarcation (regrowth and a shadow root) and three different areas of color to work through (regrowth, old shadow root and brassy ends),” she explains. 


That’s why Julie applies her lightener in zones, adjusting the volume developer to lift and tone without damaging the hair. Here’s how:


  • Zone 1: Apply CHARCOLITE™ with 20-volume developer on the roots and mids to lift and work through previous color.


  • Zone 2: Apply CHARCOLITE™ with 10-volume developer on the ends for the last 10-15 minutes of the processing time to create an even canvas .


Check out her entire application in the video below! 

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3. Brighten brassy ends without stressing out the hair

Hard water and other environmental issues can make it hard to achieve a clean canvas AND keep ends healthy when lifting. So Julie applies CHARCOLITE™ to the ends for 10-15 minutes to lift and neutralize any yellow tones. Plus, since there is no need for a toner, she won’t be stressing the hair further by applying additional product. 


Pro Tip: “Make sure to fully saturate the ends for the last 10-15 minutes of processing time for an even lift,” Julie explains.  


Instagram via @headrushdesigns


Ready to know more? Click here to learn how to use CHARCOLITE™ lightener for every blonding service!  

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