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Last updated: June 15, 2021

3 Tips For Foiling A Brighter Hairline

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Instagram via @kristen_o_beauty

Follow These 3 Tips For A Blonder Hairline!

Your blonde clients don’t want to be stuck wearing their hair one way, because the front and back aren’t in sync. So, Kristen O’Donnell⁣ (@kristen_o_beauty) demonstrated how to foil the hair for a brighter hairline at the nape. Scroll down to grab her tips and watch the quick video tutorial!



Watch Kristen’s Foiling Technique Here!

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1. Use A Lower Developer At The Hairline

The hairline is a delicate place, so Kristen prefers to drop the developer to avoid any unnecessary damage when lifting. She picked that tip up from BTC Team Member @adina_pignatare. To further protect the hair, she also used Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside with 10-volume developer. 

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2. Apply Foils Upside Down

When painting at the nape, first weave out a section and then apply a foil upside down. Keep tight tension and paint the hair going up following the direction it will lay when pulled into a ponytail. Repeat this step two or three more times on both sides of the hairline. This ensures that no matter how the client wears their hair, the blonde will always be on display.


3. Connect The Sides With A Horizontal Foil

Once both sides are foiled, join the two together by weaving a few horizontal highlights in the middle. Kristen does this starting with two foils, then transitions into two teased foils to add depth to the hair. 


Check Out The Finished Look!

Instagram via @kristen_o_beauty


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