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Last updated: May 24, 2023

3 Steps To Get Clients With Instagram

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3 Easy Fixes For Your Instagram To Build Clientele

Searchable bios, location tags—the limit doesn’t exist on how Instagram can help you build your books. But if you’re stuck on where to start, social media can be overwhelming. 


Lucky for all of us, BTC’s Director of Influencer Marketing Haley Gable shared three things you can fix on your Instagram right now to help attract new clients and we’re sharing them below!


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1. Make your portfolio discoverable

Instagram is a great tool to show off your work to a potential client. Learn how to make your IG profile searchable with Haley’s tip below:



2. Use the 3-Click Rule to Book 

Haley shares influencer profiles to show you how to get new clients in three clicks:



3. Use Client-Snagging Captions

Haley teaches you four go-to caption styles for attracting clientele. Hit play to learn how you can tweak IG captions to help clients book correctly!



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