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Last updated: September 07, 2017

3 Reasons Why You Need A Singletrack Board

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When brothers and salon owners Ben and Michael Barnes invented the Singletrack board, they had one goal in mind—to create an advanced haircolor board that can make all color techniques more accurate and efficient. We stopped by their booth in our Connection Center at #thebtcshow to find out how it works and three reasons why you need to add Singletrack to your arsenal of tools. Check it out! 


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1. Go hands-free!
The design of the board features an adjustable telescoping tube, which makes it so Singletrack comfortably rests between you and your client’s head.


2. Hold up to 30 foils!
Singletrack can help you cut out the unnecessary step of constantly grabbing foil from your station by holding (and keeping in place) up to 30 foils.


3. Control saturation!
Bleeding or splotchy results can ruin any client’s day, so Singletrack helps you paint with precise and complete saturation to give you a cleaner and more accurate application. 


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Watch and learn what your new assistant can do for you in the video below!

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