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Last updated: September 29, 2020

3 Quickies For Faster Blowouts + Waves

Watch: Blowout & Flat Iron Cheats To Help You Pick Up The Pace

In need of some fall styling inspo? We’ve got you. Olivia Garden Artistic Director Cherry Petenbrink (@hairbycherryp) is sharing some of her fave styling cheats for creating fast waves, IG-worthy blowouts and high ponies. Watch Cherry break down three different techniques in the video above, grab her tips below and check out the finished looks!


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1. How To Prep High Ponies With A Proper Blowout

Do you struggle with getting an Ariana Grande perfect ponytail? Cherry explains that the key to getting a chic, high pony is the direction of your blowout. Follow these steps:


  • Get started by sectioning the hair into quadrants. 


  • Working section-by-section, use the Olivia Garden MetalLuxe™ OG Brush and Olivia Garden Ceramic+ion™ High Performance Professional Hair Dryer to direct the hair up and back—in the direction of the high ponytail. This will make it easier to lay the hair flat to the head. Pull each blow-dried section back and repeat.


  • If you have any bumps in the ponytail, simply take a rattail comb and pull it through the hair using the tail end. Continue until the hair smooths out.


High Ponytail Process


2. C-Waves Versus Ribbon Waves

Clients don’t want to see prom curls, so here are a few curling methods to give them that undone, looser wavy vibe. Cherry demonstrated how to create C-waves and ribbon waves with a flat iron! Here’s how.


  • C-Waves: The C-wave is a quick way to cheat a glam wave. Simply curve the hair into a C-shape and lay the Titanium+ion Flat Iron on top to set. Then make another C-shape underneath and continue with the flat iron until the section is finished.


  • Ribbon Waves: To create the ribbon wave, take the flat iron and turn the hair inward, then move down and turn the hair outward to create an oversized crimp. Continue this step alternating directions until the section is finished. Let the hair cool and brush out with wide-tooth comb for a subtle wave.


Ribbon Waves


3. How To Achieve A Natural Blowout

A quick way to add natural body in your client’s hair without the use of a flat iron or curling iron is to use the Olivia Garden Multibrush® set during your blowout service. The Multibrush® comes in five different sizes to customize how loose or tight the curls should be.


  • Simply blow-dry the hair using the Multibrush®, curl the hair around the brush and release the handle to set the curls. The brush is designed to adhere to the hair.


  • Once the entire head is set, let the brushes cool, reattach the handle and pull them out for instant curls and body.


Pro Tip: If you have a client who wants a lot of body in their hair, Cherry recommends leaving the brushes in the hair and having the client check out as normal. When they’re done, take them back to your chair and remove the brushes for extra volume.


Olivia Garden Multibrush® Process
Finished Look

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