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Last updated: November 02, 2018

These 3 Problems Could Be Ruining Your Toning Results 😱

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Tired of toning mistakes ruining your hard work? Don’t let it happen! Here are three common toning problems colorists often deal with—and how to fix them—according to balayage baes @prettylittleombre and @painthatmane.



The hair’s porosity is uneven…

  • Are your fragile blonde pieces pulling unwanted tones? Are you seeing hints of green, purple or blue, but only on some pieces?
  • Try this: Always make sure the hair’s porosity is even—use a porosity equalizer spray before toning/glossing. This ensures an even canvas and even end results.


The gloss is too dark for the hair…

  • Are you having to rinse your gloss off sooner than intended because it’s pulling unwanted pigments? If so, it’s time to check your formula!
  • Try this: Make sure there is enough neutral color in your formula, and that you’re not formulating your gloss too dark for the canvas in front of you. (Read this for more info on formulating!)


The developer isn’t right…

  • Are you trying to keep your blondes bright while canceling out unwanted pigment? If so, the developer might need adjusting.
  • Try this: When glossing with a demi-permanent, boost your developer from a 6-volume to either a 10- or 20-volume for less depth deposit. This ensures the wanted tonal shift while keeping those blondes bright!


Bonus! Both @prettylittleombre and @painthatmane suggest using a demi-permanent line that is ammonia-free to keep the natural level of the hair unaffected.