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Last updated: December 03, 2019

3 Foil Placement Tips For Brighter Blends

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Foil Placement Tips To Boost Brightness & Increase Coverage
If traditional foil techniques and old school application methods aren’t achieving the haircolor results you (and your clients!) want, then it’s time to rethink blonding strategies. To get you both inspired and educated, we’ve rounded up some pretty incredible foil content—placement tips for high impact color, how to blend the hairline and boost brightness, PLUS videos to show you how it’s done. Get it all below!

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1. Where To Place Foils For Maximum Coverage
What are the best foil patterns to maximize impact? “The direction of your foils determines how much coverage you will get,” shares Caitlin Ford (@caitlinfordhair). “Horizontal placement provides the heaviest coverage and vertical provides the lightest.” For dark hair: “The darker and more dense your client’s hair is, the more foils they will require,” adds Caitlin. So when she lightens deep brunettes and black hair, Caitlin uses Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside (a lightener powder with built-in bond protection) to lift without damage.


You should also consider the different ways your client wears their hair, like in a ponytail for example—place foils along the back of the hairline to maintain brightness when the hair is pulled back. “I like to foil in a bricklay pattern, especially on the back and sides,” adds Samantha Harman (@samanthasbeautyconfessions). “I have found that this gives clients maximum brightness with minimum foils.”


Watch Caitlin’s High Impact Foil Technique Below!

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2. Weaving Tip For Harsh Outgrowth
Your client comes in with harsh outgrowth and is requesting to boost all over brightnesswhat’s the best foil strategy to blend and lift? Samantha recommends weaving a combination of highlights and fine babylight foils to soften the lines and create a more seamless grow out process. Plus, she adds a shadow root for a diffused and natural look.


Pro Tip: Struggle with bleeding foils? Rethink your blonding tools and techniques. Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside stays moist with no puffing or foil slippage, so it’s easy to maintain a super clean application with back-to-back slices.


Watch Samantha’s Blending Technique Below!

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3. Hairline Foil Placement Trick
Rethink your face frame approach. Cassandra McGlaughlin (@cassandraplatinum) suggests starting babylights with a horizontal foil at the hairline. Instead of working in a traditional foil placement method, try working directly on top of the previous foil, shifting from one side to the other for a more rounded placement. This will help you achieve better coverage at the recessions and make sure the corners aren’t cut off.


Plus, here’s a technique to help you slay the hairline blend:

  • As you remove foils around the face frame, quickly blend with your hands.
  • Then, gently use a blending brush from roots to ends. 
  • Process for an additional 30 seconds, then rinse. 


Watch Cassandra’s Hairline Blend Technique Video Below!

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