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Last updated: June 13, 2018

3 Cutting Techniques For Added Texture From @philipwolffhair

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Add Texture With These 3 Cutting Techniques

When it comes to texturizing a shoulder-length cut, @philipwolffhair has some serious tricks up his sleeve. We grabbed three Insta quickie videos from him featuring point-cutting, twist-cutting and carve-cutting, all of which can add texture while reducing weight. Check out a few of his tips on the techniques and watch his videos below!



Point-Cutting For Texturized Lobs


  • Lobs are great for adding fullness to fine hair because they add movement and texture without too many layers.
  • To create the natural fall a lob requires, avoid point-cutting in one direction only. Instead, when working in the back section, always point-cut the hair toward the center. This keeps the hair from swinging in one direction once dry and allows it to kick forward on both sides of the head.



Twist-Cutting For Reduced Weight + Added Dimension

  • Want to reduce weight without losing length on a shoulder-length cut? Use this twist-cutting technique on the back, underneath section to create soft, visual dimension without cutting off length.
  • Plus, leaner shapes in this area of the head make managing and styling hair easier for the client.


Carve-Cutting & Point-Cutting For Progressive End Results


  • Once the cut is shaped wet and the hair is dried, Philip likes to refine the cut with progressive techniques.
  • He pulls the hair forward and then flips it backward before carve-cutting weight or point-cutting the details. This can be done along the face to create an extreme framing effect or throughout the head to create separation and texture.
  • Watch him create an intense face-frame with lots of texture in the first clip, then watch the second video for his carve-cutting technique!


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