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Last updated: September 21, 2017

2 Razor Cutting Techniques for Your Long or Short-Haired Clients

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Is your client looking for the perfect cut to amp up her style? Donald Scott NYC cutting tools have got you covered. Utilizing 2-in-1 capabilities and specially crafted for optimal control and flexibility, with these innovative tools, you can give your client the look she’s been craving without the hassle.


The Tools


Donald Scott NYC Carving Comb: This revolutionary 3-in-1 tool features two razors on one end and a cutting comb on the other, so stylists can work with shears and a razor in-hand at the same time.


Donald Scott NYC Chop Stik Pro Razor: This chopstick-sized razor, made of 100% billet aluminum for max strength and durability, has a tapered end that allows for sectioning and weaving the hair, while the opposite end allows you add texture and remove weight from the hair. Perfect for adding  texture to bangs and long layers


Donald Scott NYC Prepare Liquid Tool Glide: The very first miracle mist of its kind, Prepare Liquid Tool Glide is enriched with coconut oil and sunflower oils. This nourishing mist was specially designed to work ergonomically with Donald Scott cutting tools. Not only does it smooth the cuticle, but it prepares the hair for cutting and texturizing without residue or buildup.


The Perks


• Fast – Saves time so you can earn more without compromising quality or creativity
• Safe– Designed to prevent damage to your hands AND your client’s hair
• Versatile – Each tool provides multiple benefits and flexibility to your current regimen
• Inclusive – Appropriate for ALL of your clients–all textures, women, men and children
• Creative – Provides hair artists with complete control AND spontaneous creativity
• Easy – Foolproof and mistake proof, these tools are easy to learn and easy to use


Here’s how to use these innovative beauties to create the perfect style for any client looking to shake up her look!


How-To: Asymmetrical Pixie


1. Prepare the hair with Donald Scott NYC Prepare Liquid Tool Glide to prepare the hair for cutting and texturizing without residue or buildup. Section out the crown to leave length in the front.


2. Take diagonal back sections, using the Donald Scott Chop Stik Pro Razor, perfectly designed to remove weight and add texture, to carve out the length on the sides.


3. Take diagonal forward sections, making your way to the nape. Begin using the Donald Scott NYC Swivel Twist to take out up to 25 percent of the weight located from the occipital bone to the crown.


4. Using shears and the comb side of the revolutionary 3-in-1 Donald Scott NYC Carving Comb, blend the front, back and sides. Using the Carving Comb will help to provide better control, shape, texture and optimal movement when creating your style.


5. Take down the sectioned-off length in the front and begin using the Donald Scott NYC Chop Stik Pro, leaving the front disconnected from the sides and back.


6. Finish the hair with Donald Scott NYC Prepare Liquid Tool Glide.



How-To: Disconnected Long Layers


1. Establish your perimeter and start your guide at chin length.


2. Take diagonal partings from natural part to the front of ear.


3. Overdirect the hair all the way forward using the chin as your guide.


4. Spray 2 mists of Donald Scott NYC Prepare Liquid Tool Glide and glide the wide tooth Carving Comb channel carve side down the hair to the longest point.


5. Continue parting and overdirecting to just behind the ear until the back is left one length.


6. Add one mist of Donald Scott NYC Prepare Liquid Tool Glide on each section before finishing the hair with a large curling iron, taking large sections. 




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