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Last updated: May 17, 2023

15-Minute Color Lock & Smoothing Add-On

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3 Steps To Lock In Color, Remove Frizz & Add Intense Shine

This isn’t your average rinse-and-go smoothing treatment add-on. If you’re ready to deliver fast, noticeable results for any client asking for “frizz-free” hair while locking in color, you’ll want to keep scrolling. 


Learn the step-by-step treatment that only takes 15 minutes using Keratin Complex‘s new KCEXPRESS Express Blow Out Smoothing Treatment to extend color, eliminate frizz and add gleaming shine.  


1. How To Add-On A Smoothing Treatment After Hair Color

Add-ons can feel like a burden to sell but when you find the right one to benefit you and your client, it’s an easy win. No matter if we book a blonde transformation or a quick toner, we want our client’s color to LAST.  (And hello…so do they.) 


Color specialist Amy Eck (@amyloucolorshair) from Chicago-based salon Pascal pour Elle demos a maintenance toning service to prep her client’s hair for the smoothing and color lock treatment. 


Tips to verbalize an add-on offering:

  • Short time commitment—only 15 minutes added to an appointment
  • Long-lasting color insurance (especially for red-based formulas)
  • Smoothing results without losing curl patterns
  • High-shine results without a greasy feel
  • Treatment lasts up to six weeks—purposely formulated to coordinate with color touch-ups



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2. Treatment Application: When, How & Timely Tips

Making an add-on fast and efficient for your client is the main priority. Focusing on clean, even sectioning and quick application is your goal!


Luckily, the KCEXPRESS treatment has a fool-proof protocol that will get you through the service and your client out of your chair in no time. 


Here’s the process to follow from Chicago-based stylist Diana Tapes (@dianatapes):

  • After rinsing your client’s color, shampoo once with a color-safe shampoo of choice. Then, shampoo a second time with Keratin Complex KC PRIMER Keratin Pre-Treatment Shampoo as a pre-treatment—do not condition! 
  • Evenly section towel-dried hair into six sections. 
  • Grab your gloves and starting at the nape, apply the treatment using a color brush in 1-inch sections beginning 1/4 of an inch away from the scalp.
  • Consistently comb through each section to evenly distribute the product to avoid over saturation. 
  • Pro Tip: Recommend add-on price for KCEXPRESS is $75 (in addition to your color service!) 



3. Don’t Rinse! Just Blow-Dry & Flat Iron To Lock In The Treatment

Once you’re finished applying the treatment, rough dry your client’s hair using your hand until it’s about 80 percent dry. 


Divide the hair into six sections once more to fully blow-dry each section using a vent brush. The final step is to flat iron each blow-dried section thoroughly, taking 1 to 2-inch subsections around the entire head. 


Pro Tip: Your flat iron’s temperature should not exceed 380 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Each section should only need 2 to 4 passes from the roots to ends to fully lock in treatment and release high shine and body. 



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PSA: This At-Home Care Is ESSENTIAL! 

Your clients will be ready to strut out of the salon BUT you need to give them the rundown of what to do for the next eight hours to keep their hair sleek.


For eight hours post-treatment it is recommended that your client does not:

  • Get their hair wet—sweat, water, fragrance mist, anything. 
  • Use hair ties, headbands, pins or glasses to hold their hair back.
  • Tuck their hair behind their ears.
  • Bend, fold or secure their hair in any way. 


IF your client unintentionally gets their hair wet or creates a bend in their hair, instruct them to lightly blow-dry the section and use a flat iron on low heat to smooth out the hair. 


Slide the arrow to reveal the instant, gorgeous results KCEXPRESS can create for your client:

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