5 Things You Should Know Before Attending THE BTC SHOW

Our countdown is almost over! We have just a few more days until the THE BTC SHOW 2019 takes over Washington, D.C. on August 24-27 for four days of education, inspiration and our wildest hair dreamsit’s basically summer camp for hairdressers! Are you coming? Whether you’re a first-timer (we can’t wait to meet you ❤️) or you’re just counting down the days like us, spend some time scrollin’ and reading through everything you can expect at this year’s show! Get it all below.


But FIRST, Who Doesn’t Love A Hype Video?! Watch It Below!


1. These Things Might Happen To You…
What happens when 3,500 hairdressers get together—new friends, old friends, BEST friends and industry icons? More like what DOESN’T happen!! We witness (or hear about later) some pretty epic things that go down at THE BTC SHOW every year, so it’s always a possibility that you just might:

  • See A 🌈: A rainbow has appeared on Monday at the show every single year.
  • Find Your Forever Love: Last year, a couple got ENGAGED. How cutie?!
  • Or At Least A Summer Love: Other than the engagement that happened last year, we know of at least THREE couples who STARTED at THE BTC SHOW. 
  • Make A Friend From Another Country: THE BTC SHOW brings hairdressers together. Proof: Last year, stylists from 23 countries attended the show. This year, we have stylists from 31 countries coming to the show!
  • Win A #ONESHOT Award: Keep reading 😉


2. You’re Invited To The Industry’s Biggest Awards Show
With more than 311,000 entries last year from over 80 countries…the annual #ONESHOT Hair Awards is the industry’s biggest awards show. This year, we have 35 categories and 80,070 entries in just our two balayage categories. OMG, right? And you’re invited to attend the show! What to expect—emotional acceptance speeches, the hair industry’s finest work and a night of inspiration. Did you take your shot this year? If you get nominated (congrats in advance), your ticket will be reimbursed!


TBH, this #ONESHOT video give us full body chills!!

Tap HERE for more pics from the 2018 #ONESHOT Hair Awards!


3. You’re About To Have The Best Week Of Your Life (Or At Least Your Year 😉!)
“You just HAD to be there…” Every year, THE BTC SHOW sparks a light within hairdressers, like a wave of inspiration that crashes over the entire communitythe education, the inspiration, the amazing people and ALL the feels! Newbies, don’t believe us just yet? Just read a few of these testimonials: 


  • “No hair show can top #THEBTCSHOW. Let me tell you. It was 100 percent worth the money! It was definitely a vacation for hairdressers but not like every vacationI’m coming back 10 times more motivated. This next year I will be doing everything I can to improve myself as a hairstylist” -@tonilouiseeeee
  • “The education, inspiration, creativity and genuine passion that I saw and FELT at THE BTC SHOW from every person was so incredible I could feel it in my soul. I finally feel like I belong somewhere and that my dreams are NOT too big! I can’t wait for the next year and to someday be on the stage accepting my #ONESHOT award!” -@xbombheadx
  • “Still coming off of my high from the best show ever. The energy and love from the crowd at THE BTC SHOW was unbelievable. The good vibes were palpable. Thank you for letting me take you on a journey! It’s like I was on stage in front of 3,000 friends!” -@naeemahlafond
  • “This past weekend at THE BTC SHOW truly changed me. Not only do I feel like I gained an incredible amount of knowledge, but I have also been inspired beyond belief!” -@fabhairbyjosh



4. You Will Leave The Show Feelin’ Educated AF
From the mainstage to the Connection Center cabanas (yes, cabanas!)the show floor is covered in education from the industry’s biggest names, top educators, influencers and artists. Here’s what to expect: more than 20 mainstage presentations, 110+ artists educating ONSTAGE, an all-star celebrity panel and pro education in color, cutting and styling. Plus, more hands-on demos with artists and brands in the Connection Center!