Vortx Reverse Ombre/Joico Step-by-Step


Vortx Reverse Ombre/Joico Step-by-Step

Strictly speaking, a vortex is defined as “a region within a body of fluid in which the fluid elements have an angular velocity.” Leave it to Joico’s Sue Pemberton to turn this literal definition into a high concept for color design. “I pivoted from a central point around the fringe and side area taking back-to-back horizontal-diagonal slice partings,” Sue explains. “The partings were staggered back toward the crown and then slightly forward, leaving a mostly darker fringe area and perimeter. Shades of yellow or pale lavender blonde were placed on slice partings from light at the scalp to darker at the ends for the reverse ombré effect.”

Color: Sue Pemberton
Color: 15 picture steps
PLUS 5 color formulas

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