“The CRAFT of Haircolor” Chrystofer Benson


“The CRAFT of Haircolor” Chrystofer Benson For Matrix Color Show Video Clip

As a North American Haircolorist of the Year winner and finalist, Chrystofer Benson knows a thing or two about how to create a strong, comprehensive collection of color looks.  In this segment from the 2012 BTC COLOR Show, he proved it with his presentation of the new Matrix R3D Collection—a powerful statement of red and black hues and block color application techniques. “Color blocking is about taking colors that contrast with and complement each other to produce a variety of end results,” he explained.  He’ll also reveal:

• How to achieve a “commercial” or “progressive” interpretation by varying colors and tones
• His R3D inspiration (and a homage to the late Vidal Sassoon), storyboards and techniques!
…and much more!

Total runtime: 33 minutes

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