So Chic Collection Beauty Bucks


So Chic Collection Beauty Bucks

BTC Beauty Bucks are amazingly versatile. They can be used as gift certificates, client gifts or even as a business-building recruitment tool for the salon. Here’s how they can work as a great marketing tool:

1. Think about the type of client that mirrors your salon culture. E.g., do you work in an edgy, urban salon or a conservative salon that services PTO moms?

2. Based on your answer, think about where these clients are in your community. Do they manage a retail store or work at a cosmetic counter? Are they real estate agents? Local college students?

3. Once you decide, it’s time to plot your client recruiting visit. Get your coolest outfit on, grab your Beauty Bucks and place a FREE cut or color on the services line. Seek out the right person and when you find her, introduce yourself and tell her that while you love her look, you’d like to offer her a complimentary new cut or color service. When she agrees, book her appointment right away.

4. Once you do her hair and it looks amazing, she’ll become your walking billboard for your salon. Make sure to give her a bunch of your business cards to hand to all the people who compliment her on her new look! Voila, you’ve just recruited the EXACT type of clients you want to serve in your salon!