50% OFF “You Know You’re a Hairdresser When…” Zip Up Sweatshirt


“You Know You’re a Hairdresser When…” Zip Up Sweatshirt
50% OFF $19.95 (Reg. $39.95)

You Know You’re a Hairdresser When…you put on this hilarious new zip up from BTC! Wear it with pride!

TOP 10
You know you’re a hairdresser when…

#10 you find hair in your food and you don’t send it back.
#9 you tell your boyfriend you “did 10 guys today” and he doesn’t get mad.
#8 your 7-year-old daughter has your business cards in her purse before she leaves for school.
#7 sitting down to pee feels like a relaxing break.
#6 every invitation to someone’s house is followed by, “oh, and can you bring your scissors?”
#5 you walk into Target and all you want to do is knock over the diverted product display.
#4 you use black sharpies to cover the stains on your six pairs of black pants.
#3 tsa agents thoroughly search you after finding 10 shears, two razors and a fake head in your carry-on.
#2 you marry a bald man because it’s one less family member you are expected to cut.
#1 you can re-heat and eat your lunch, check your email, text three clients, return two phone calls, pee and smoke half a cigarette all in less than 7 minutes.

This zip up sweatshirt offers the perfect cover up option for cool days. It comes in black (naturally!) and each is U.S. made of a super-soft cotton/poly blend that holds its shape and flatters your form. Image is located on the back.

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