Pop Up 5×11 Foils by Framar


Pop Up 5×11 Foils by Framar

We understand you’re busy behind the chair. In between color clients, who has time to cut foils? When you’re too busy to cut foils from the roll, grab some pre-cut 5×11 foils from Framar and you’ll fly through color clients all day—good for business, better for your wallet! These embossed foils never bleed, tear nor slip allowing the colorist to have ultimate color control. The 500 foils come packaged in a convenient pop-up box that prevents tearing when gliding out of the box. Best of all, the foils come pre-folded so they can go straight from box to hair, with no interruptions! Available in Star Struck Silver, Man Eater Magenta and Babelicious Blue.

Order Options:

  • Star Struck Silver – $14.99
  • Man Eater Magenta – $18.99

“If there’s something that can make my salon life easier and more fun, why not have those tools? I like to have every weapon in my arsenal. My weapon is Foil It!” — Guy Tang

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