Pinwheel Chignon/Schwarzkopf Step-by-Step


Pinwheel Chignon/Schwarzkopf Step-by-Step

BTC Brand Ambassadors and Instagram stars Jenny Strebe and Jay Wesley Olson are spinning around in circles. For this look, Jay starts us off with his Rising Sun technique—rays of light emanating from a circular center section—to produce a fusion of celestial blue and pearly pink in a pale base. Then Jenny gives it a whirl—spinning braided subsections into a pinwheel chignon, framed with deep waves. The result is a daybreak colored upstyle—cloudy and soft with a good chance of romance.

Artists: Jenny Strebe & Jay Wesley Olson
Style: 10 picture steps
Color: 8 picture steps
PLUS 3 color formulas

Printable Step-by-Step with Color Formula or Printable Step-by-Step