Opposites Attract/Farouk Systems Step-by-Step


Opposites Attract/Farouk Systems Step-by-Step

It’s a fact that juxtaposing extremes evokes the best of each element. In this look from Farouk Systems’ new Contradiction II collection, pale blonde color deepens the rich toffee accent sections, and vice-versa as the shimmering top strands balance and enhance the darker panels. Shape-wise, the cropped under-sections anchor the frothy, airy texture of the crown and fringe.

Hair: Patrick Kalle, Farouk Systems Europe Artistic Director, and the Farouk Systems Artistic Team.
Cut: 7 picture steps
Color: 3 picture steps
PLUS 3 color formulas

Printable Step-by-Step with Color Formula or Printable Step-by-Step