New! Keracolor Purify Plus Leave-In Conditioning Treatment


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Keracolor Purify Plus Leave-In Conditioning Treatment


Is Water Damaging Your Haircolor?

Are your clients frustrated with fast-fading color and dull, dry locks? They might not realize their daily routine is to blame—but you can help! Impurity-filled tap water is one of the leading causes of color loss and hair damage; that’s because it’s clouded with trace minerals and oxidizers like chlorine, magnesium, copper and iron. When hair is washed, these elements are the last to touch it, meaning hair is stripped of its natural resilience, making it dull, dry and lifeless. But most people don’t even know it’s the cause of their haircolor woes! Purify Plus Leave-In Conditioner contains deactivating agents that neutralize these damaging elements, making hair feel lighter, softer and silkier. Plus, it helps to preserve precious haircolor and bring back shine and vibrancy. Your clients will thank you later.

·         Neutralizes chlorine and minerals found in tap water
·         Preserves color and vibrancy
·         Infused with keratin to rebuild damaged hair from  inside-out
·         Contains a PH balance of 4.5, which closes the cuticle, leaving hair smooth
·         Safe for all hair types
·         Use every time hair is washed
·         Available in a 7.0 oz. bottle

Usage: Spritz into towel-dried hair and comb through. After the use of Purify Plus, chlorine is no longer present in the hair.

– Six 7-oz. Bottles
– Display
– 1 Test Tube
– 1 OTO Chlorine Indicator Solution
– 1 Tent Card
– 2 Mirror Clings

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