New! Balayroo Color Applicator - New! Balayroo Color Applicator -

New! Balayroo Color Applicator


Balayroo Color Applicator

Cut your balayage time in half with the Balayroo Color Applicator!  No matter the variation—highlighting, balayage, hair painting—techniques are ever-evolving and always updating.  Of course, we all know that these techniques can be time consuming and sometimes inconsistent.  Until now!

Introducing the Balayroo Color Applicator—the next big thing in color application techniques!

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The Balayroo is a small applicator that opens & closes, applying color evenly on the top and bottom of the strands of hair in a sweeping motion

  • Less messy, more even application
  • Cuts down on application time! What would normally take 1 hour can be achieved in 15-30 minutes!
  • Innovative design allows you to pick & place color exactly where you want it.
  • Allows even color placement with no spillage!
  • Completely customizes creative looks for your clients.1 Balayroo Applicator: $29.95
    2 Balayroo Applicator: $53.95 (save 10%)
    3 Balayroo Applicator: $71.95 (save 20%)
    5 Balayroo Applicator: $104.95 (save 30%)


“If any of my stylist friends haven’t tried the Balayroo yet, get on it! Absolutely loved the results I got.” –@rebecca_thesalon, The Salon by Brooke & Co.

“Thank you Balayroo, for another seamless balayage… I’m in love with this tool!” –Amy McKinney Kennedy, Split Ends Salon

“If you’re a professional hair stylist and you don’t have a Balayroo….you’re doing it wrong. This tool is unbelievable!” – @lynselaine

Balayroo Color Applicator gives you a faster, more consistent way to apply color but don’t just take our word for it, here’s what stylists are saying!
“Bravo to Balayroo!”
–Vivienne Mackinder, Award Winning Hairdresser

“I tried the Balayroo tool today and was impressed with the easy application of the color accents I placed in the hair!!! Our team liked it very much!!!”
–Sandra Carr, Matrix Educator, owner Sheer
Professionals Salon