Neo-Elemental/Goldwell Step-by-Step


Neo-Elemental/Goldwell Step-by-Step

There’s a revolution happening in haircolor—artists are boldly reaching for hues and combinations never seen before. The result is a complete shift in the color esthetic. In this look from Goldwell’s Trend Zoom Futuretec Ecopolitan collection, for example, powdery rose and pastel pearl blonde flow beautifully within a warm, golden brown foundation. The shattered bob with brow-grazing fringe provides the perfect home for the remarkable hue.

Hair: Trend Zoom Creative Team
Color: Agnes Westerman
Cut: Sascha Haselhoff
Cut: 5 picture steps
Color: 3 picture steps and 2 diagrams
PLUS 4 color formulas

Printable Step-by-Step with Color Formula or Printable Step-by-Step