WEBINAR: Mustafa’s Hollywood Waves & Vintage Updos


Mustafa Avci: Hollywood Waves & Vintage Updos Webinar

(90 minutes)

Mustafa Avci
#King of Waves, Owner of Mustafa’s Workshop & Salon M in Brooklyn

Join Mustafa, social media star #King of Waves, as he reveals for the first time, in a live BTC exclusive webinar, his celebrated, signature styling techniques. He will share his secret tips for how to create glamourous, vintage inspired looks.

 You will learn:
• Modern & vintage styling trends

• How to create Mustafa’s Hollywood Waves using simple comb techniques

• How to use extensions to create Hollywood Waves

• Mustafa’s signature comb techniques for creating vintage-inspired updos

What is a Webinar?
A Webinar is a pre-recorded educational event consisting of audio and a PowerPoint presentation on your computer screen. It does not consist of live webcasting or live video 

NOTE: After the webinar is complete, you will receive an e-ploma and a video playback to watch the webinar at any time, so you do not have to be present on the live webinar. 



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