Judiffier Pearson: Booth Rental Strategies Webinar


Judiffier Pearson makes it simple to find out all you need to know about booth rental. Get all of your questions answered in this straight-to-the-point webinar!

Topics Include:
• How to govern your business arrangements according to a tenant-landlord relationship
• How to establish and maintain your own corporate identity separate from the salon
• Get busy setting financial goals and measuring your key performance indicators
• Duplicate yourself by hiring an assistant as your first employee.
• Build your brand by engineering a 5-star service delivery system and crafting the right marketing mix
• And much, much more!

What is a Webinar?
A Webinar is a pre-recorded educational event consisting of audio and a PowerPoint presentation on your computer screen. It does not consist of live webcasting or live video stream.

Once you have purchased the Webinar, the link will be sent to your email address immediately.


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