Gold Ribbons/Aveda Step-by-Step


Gold Ribbons/Aveda Step-by-Step

This romantic look from Aveda’s Art of Nature collection mimics the sensibility sweeping fashion, art and culture this season. “Ribbons of golden color mirror the shadow play of the sun,” says Aveda Artistic Director of Hair Color Ian Michael Black. “It’s ideal for dark-haired guests who want to go lighter but still look natural.” The cutting options—both of which remove bulk while preserving the hair’s natural curl pattern—offer the freedom to choose a cut that best suits each client’s style.

Creative direction: Antoinette Beenders
Color: Ian Michael Black
Cut: Ricardo Dinis
Styling: Allen Ruiz
Cut: 2 diagram steps
Color: 2 diagram steps
Style: 2 diagram steps
PLUS 3 color formulas

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