Emerald City/Wella Step-by-Step


Emerald City/Wella Step-by-Step

“This look was inspired by the natural beauty of the butterfly!” declares Wella Professionals Color.id Global Ambassador Dana Lyseng. “The gorgeous, organic gradation of the rich greens, teals and darkest emeralds were brought into the structured shape.” Dana had some incredible artistic support when bringing her vision to life—the revolutionary new Wella Professionals Color.id, which “beefs up” Koleston Perfect and Illumina formulas, allowing colorists to paint color on the hair that stays put—without fear of bleeding or running. “Being able to see where I have placed color inspires me,” says Dana. “With no fear of creating unwanted tones, I can be free to let my creativity soar!”

Hair: Dana Lyseng
Color: 3 picture steps
Extensions: 1 picture step
Styling: 3 picture steps
PLUS 4 Color Formulas

Printable Step-by-Step with Color Formula or Printable Step-by-Step