Embossed Foils by Framar – Heavy Weight


Embossed Foils by Framar

You’ve used many different foils in your day, including *gasp* store-bought aluminum. And after going through all the foils that tear, foils that blind and foils that slip, you’re about ready to hang up your color brush and pick up the shears instead. Fear no more, there are finally foils that can withstand whatever you can throw on them—embossed foils from Framar! In both lightweight and heavyweight proportions, these foils go on softly and stay attached throughout the entire coloring. The beauty of embossed foils is that they never slip, bleed nor tear. Did someone say worry-free coloring? The lightweight embossed foils come in a 360 ft. roll, while the heavyweight foils come in a 300 ft. roll—both of which fit into the Fold Freak Dispenser—allowing you to cut your foils to whatever length you desire, while also folding the foil for you! Available in Star Struck Silver.

“What I hate about regular foils is that they’re wrinkly and don’t look pretty. Sometimes when I start painting the color on, I end up poking a hole right through them. With embossed foils from Foil It, I don’t have that problem!” Guy Tang